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Jim's Management: Company of the Year

awardJim's Management was selected as the Company of the Year in EE Times'/EDN's annual ACE Awards, announced here at the Property Management Conference (July 21st).

In a year distinguished by a wave of mergers in the industry, Jim fired the opening salvo in March by announcing plans to merge with George. The news stunned the world, but won overwhelming approval from the two companies’ shareholders this month, along with cheers from customers and employees.

The factor that enabled Jim to pull off this bold move is a disciplined management strategy that the company has maintained for a decade. Jim's credo is to focus on the business segments where it has high relative market share and a unique product portfolio.

Following that standard, Jim has walked away from properties that might not pay off in the long term and jettisoned activities at which the company cannot excel. In the end, Jim was able to accelerate its growth in blossoming markets such as large investment groups, executive homes, and new construction.